Foeder’s produce the ‘crème de la crème’ of aged beers. From the dutch word for ‘vat’, foeders (Pronounced “food-er”) are large wooden barrels that allow the beer to mature and develop while avoiding the acidification that can happen in smaller vessels. Tannins from the wood are extracted during the aging process which impacts the mouthfeel and perceived bitterness and small amounts of oxygen are allowed to enter the beer which also adds to the complexity. As opposed to using several smaller barrels, a large foeder creates a more consistent and refined beer. But one of the most amazing things about foeders is that over time, the yeast that lives in the vessels will mutate into a completely unique strain, with a distinct flavour profile, that can not be replicated by anyone else. Our two American oak foeders can each hold up to 30 hectolitres (that’s 3,000 litres!) and our brewers will sometimes blend different batches to create an even more flavourful and unique beer. While our foeders were crafted in Missouri over a period of several months by the Foeder Crafters of America, the oak was aged for at least two years before construction began to soften the flavours even more.

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