THE People of Foamers’
  • Rob Davis

    Rob Davis

    Head Honcho

    Rob left construction and suckered his family into building a brewery with him. He loves music, animals, and bonsai almost as much as his beer.

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: Storm Brewing's Vanilla Whiskey Stout

  • Lyndsay Birch

    Lyndsay Birch

    Head Brewer

    Lyndsay has a fascination with fermentation, and a love for all things wild and homegrown. When she isn't brewing, she can be found sipping beers atop a mountain or in her veggie garden.

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: Duchesse de Bourgogne

  • Dan Bouthillier

    Dan Bouthillier

    Head Brewer

    Dan is a twin. He was previously the Head Brewer at Broadhead Brewing and he loves music, traveling, cooking, and the outdoors.

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: Milk Stout by Left Hand Brewing

  • Kevin McLean

    Kevin McLean

    Director of Arts and Crafts

    Kevin has a double major in bagpiping & branding. He makes the labels, takes photos, does social media, made the website, designs the merch… & plays the guitar.

    Favourite non-Foamers' beer: Lindemans Framboise

  • Courtney Millin

    Courtney Millin

    Master of Accounts

    Courtney started in our taproom & is now the go-to person for all of our accounts! She loves White Rock where she was born & being outdoors with her dog, Luna.

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

  • Rob Birch

    Rob Birch


    Rob's daughter made him drink a Fat Tug in 2012 after he only drank Bud and Clamato juice for 20 years. This began endless nights researching as many craft beers as he could drink and boring his wife to tears talking about beer. He then started home brewing with a $100 starter kit. Now he's quitting his day-job to brew.

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: Delirium Tremens

  • Manvir Johal

    Manvir Johal

    Delivery Driver

    When Manvir isn't telling a lame dad joke he enjoys going camping, reading, settlers of catan, and being by the ocean.

    Favourite non-Foamers' beer: Juice Bomb from Bad Tattoo Brewing

  • Amanda Dykes

    Amanda Dykes

    Momma Bear of the Tasting Room (Lounge Assistant Manager)

    Amanda is proud to be born and raised in Pitt and has been at Foamers' since 2018. She loves and takes pride in her coworkers, customers & community.

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: Fat Tug IPA by Driftwood

  • Simon Udell

    Simon Udell

    Beer Dissemination Officer

    Simon is a graduate of SFU’s Craft Beer and Brewing Essentials program, as well as a Certified Beer Server (Cicerone Level 1). Most importantly, he loves good beer!

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: Gruff Brewing Co.’s Fresh-Hop IPA

  • Heather MacDonald

    Heather MacDonald

    Beer Dissemination Officer

    Teacher by day, beer wench by night. Female jock at heart. Heather loves craft beer because, as she says, "there’s a style for each of my moods".

    Favourite Non-Foamers Beer: Field House's Sour Wheat Gose

  • Dannie McLaren

    Dannie McLaren

    Beer Dissemination Officer

    If you don’t catch Dannie behind the bar pouring you your favourite beer, you can catch her outside checking your eyesight from afar nice and clear.

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: Hedgerow Sour Cherry Wild Ale by Strange Fellows

  • Morgan Tang

    Morgan Tang

    Beer Dissemination Officer

    Some people may recognize Morgan from a few of the Poco Breweries and yes, she has now come to Foamers'! She looks forward to pouring you a nice cold brew.

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: YES! Hazy Pale Ale By Electric Bicycle

  • Jenny Wade

    Jenny Wade

    Beer Dissemination Officer

    Foamers’ sassiest bartender and fiercest bouncer.

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: You’ve Earned it – Raspberry with Coffee Sour by Another Beer Co.

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