• Rob Davis

    Rob Davis

    Head Honcho

    Rob left construction and suckered his family into building a brewery with him. He loves music, animals, and bonsai almost as much as his beer.

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: Storm Brewing's Vanilla Whiskey Stout

  • Lyndsay Birch

    Lyndsay Birch

    Head Brewer

    Lyndsay has a fascination with fermentation, and a love for all things wild and homegrown. When she isn't brewing, she can be found sipping beers atop a mountain or in her veggie garden.

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: Duchesse de Bourgogne

  • Kevin McLean

    Kevin McLean

    Director of Arts and Crafts

    Kevin has a double major in bagpiping & branding. He makes the labels, takes photos, does social media, made the website, designs the merch… & plays the guitar.

    Favourite non-Foamers' beer: Lindemans Framboise

  • Zander Davison

    Zander Davison

    General Manager

    Zander has a long standing love of craft beer and a passion for bringing people together over a round of delicious and interesting brews. When he isn’t making himself look busy at the brewery he can be found out for a hike or bouldering in Squamish (and sneaking off to Backcountry for a cold one after).

    Favourite non-Foamers' beer: High 5 Hazy from Yellow Dog Brewing Co.

  • Rob Birch

    Rob Birch


    Rob's daughter made him drink a Fat Tug in 2012 after he only drank Bud and Clamato juice for 20 years. This began endless nights researching as many craft beers as he could drink and boring his wife to tears talking about beer. He then started home brewing with a $100 starter kit. Now he's quitting his day-job to brew.

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: Delirium Tremens

  • Jonathan Birch

    Jonathan Birch


    I’ve been passionate about brewing beer for awhile, starting with home brewing and now moving to commercial. I love dogs, anything fitness related and you guessed it, beer!

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: Imperial Coconut Porter from Maui Brewing Co.

  • Dannie McLaren

    Dannie McLaren

    Assistant Manager of Beer Dissemination

    If you don’t catch Dannie behind the bar pouring you your favourite beer, you can catch her outside checking your eyesight from afar nice and clear.

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: Hedgerow Sour Cherry Wild Ale by Strange Fellows

  • Jordan Grace

    Jordan Grace

    Beer Dissemination Officer

    He was voted happiest in the eighth grade and his smile has only gotten wider since. When he isn’t pouring beers at the brewery he’s most likely at the gym, reading a Spider-Man comic or counting down the days to Halloween.

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: COOKIE JAR OATMEAL FUDGE STOUT! It is from Twin Sails. 🙂

  • Mic


    Beer Dissemination Officer

    With many years experience in the service industry, Mic knows how a good beer can bring people together. She has a love of sours and all things fruit beer. When she isn’t slinging beers and playing Foamers' best soundtrack you’ll find her scaring the life out of her Dungeons & Dragons party, or producing some super nerdy burlesque shows!

    Favourite non-foamers beer: Rainbow Road by Rewind

  • Madison Andrews

    Madison Andrews

    Beer Dissemination Officer

    With a mom who introduced her to the craft beer world and a curiosity of beer craftsmanship, Maddie is happy to serve your favourite beer when she's not drawing or playing her favourite video games.

    Favourite Non-Foamers' Beer: Peach Bod from Parallel 49 Brewing

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