Sun Rider Tangerine Session Ale – Here for the Summer!

Sun Rider Tangerine Session Ale – Here for the Summer!

You may remember our Tangerine Session Ale from last summer… or perhaps not. We made a single batch of Easy Rider last year which sold out almost immediately. This year, it’ll be around for the whole summer!

Wait… Easy Rider? I thought you said Sun Rider! Last year we released our Tangerine Session Ale under the name Easy Rider, however a certain American magazine (ahem) didn’t want us using that name. So henceforth, this beer will be known as Sun Rider!

A refreshing, juicy, and distinctly citrus-forward session ale with dry-hop character and mild bitterness. Bold flavours and a lower alcohol content make this beer perfect for those warm summer days.

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Looking for it in a liquor store? We Google Mapped out every store carrying it. Check out that map here.

Or order it direct from us via our online store.

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